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NEC SL1100 Phone System


Caller ID Conversation Record Auto Answer Voice Mail to Email Hold / Transfer
E System System Sales, Inc provides business owners information and online sales of a New NEC Phone System.
Discover how a New NEC Phone System can automate you business by automatically routing phone calls 24 hours a day 7 days a week and dealing with unwanted phone calls.




The initial configuration starts at 4 incoming lines X 8 digital station ports X 2 analog station ports with the capability to expand to 6 incoming line X 24 digital station ports X 18 analog station ports  The DSX40 is a great phone system for small businesses that doesn't need voice mail but need answering machine capability.  System Bundles and starter kits priced as low as $749 with free shipping.  Starter kits and system bundles available with hospitality phones.  Hospitality phones available.



System hardware bundles start with 8 incoming lines X 4 digital stations, to  8 incoming lines X 8 digital stations. All NEC DSX phone system bundles support a 16 port digital station card.  This means that your new NEC DSX80 business phone system has the capability to grow to 16 digital stations with the addition of a cable and a telephone.  Hospitality phones available. 

The NEC DSV160 8 Port KSU

NEC DSX160 8 Port KSU Large Business Phone System

With a maximum growth of 108 ports your new NEC DS2000 8 slot system can grow to either 24 lines in X 80 digital stations, 32 lines in X 64 digital stations, or 8 lines in X 96 digital stations.  Hospitality phones available.

NEC PC Admin

NEC PC Admin

Your New NEC Phone System can be programmed via a Windows PC either through a USB interface by connecting the NEC Phone System to your existing computer connection, and via an internal modem.  Some of the features that need to be programmed are EZ to figure out if the person programming the phone system has good computer skills and some features are harder to figure out as the terms Panasonic uses to program these features are not known.

NEC DSX Phones

NEC DSX VOIP Kit  for DSX40, DSX80, & DSX160


VoIP extensions are available for the NEC DSX40/80/160 phone system.  The latest version firmware 3.0  or higher is required.  We have available a NEC DSX VoIP Starter kit, a NEC DSX Voip Daughter Board, a NEC DSX phone adapter, and two phones available.  One phone is the standard NEC DSX 34-Button Display Phone and a NEC DSX 34-Button Super Display Phone.

NEC DSX Voice Mail NEC DSX Voice Mail

The NEC DSX Phone System has two different voice mails available, one is the Intramail and the other is the Intramail Pro version.
The main differences between the two is the Intramail Pro has twice much storage as the Intramial, the Inramail Pro will send voice mails to email, and the Intramail Pro has 32 Automated Attendant Greetings as the Intramail has 16, generally used for multi businesses on one phone system.

NEC DSX Voice Mail

Headsets for the NEC Elite IPK Phones

NEC DSX Headsets

Flip your NEC DSX phone upside down and you will notice a plug for a headset next to the handset plug.  You can purchase a Polaris head set or a Cordless headset and plug your headset right into your phone.

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