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NEC Aspire

 NEC Aspire Phones

NEC Aspire Phones

Although the NEC Aspire has been discontinued we still have many 22 button phones available in the Refurbished Market and some 34 button phones, as the 22 button display phone was the most popular selling phone and the 34 button phones was the second most popular selling phone.

Headsets for the NEC Elite IPK Phones

Headsets for NEC Aspire Phones

Choose wired or wireless headsets available for NEC phones with a jack for a headset and for the NEC Phones that require an amplifier.

NEC Aspire Cordless Phone

NEC Aspire Cordless Phone

We have a Cordless Phone that is compatible with most NEC Aspire Phone Systems. Provides 8 buttons that can see up to 8 lines and provides most of the same features as the NEC desk phones.

NEC Aspire S

Aspire S and Expansion Cards

The Aspire S was the smaller cabinet specially designed and configured to meet the needs of small business that started at 4 lines in X 8 digital station ports and 2 analog station ports.  The Apsire S has a maximum of 8 lines in X up to 24 station ports.

NEC Aspire M

Aspire M and Expansion Cards

The NEC Aspire M is the larger more expandable cabinet to meet the needs of mid size to large business with the needs of growth to hundreds of phones.


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