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NEC DS2000 NEC DS1000

NEC DS1000

NEC DS1000

The initial configuration starts at 3 incoming lines X 8 digital station ports X 4 analog station ports with the capability to expand to 6 incoming line X 16 digital station ports X 8 analog station ports The DS1000 is a great phone system for small businesses that don't need voice mail but need answering machine capability.

NEC DS2000 4 Slot KSU

NEC DS2000 4 Slot KSU

Initial configured as small as 4 lines in X 16 telephones the DS2000 can expand to 16 lines in X 32 phones.  The KSU supports up to 48 ports and can support a T1/PRI card.  4 expansion cards can be added to the 4 slot KSU for CO Trunk cards, Digital Station Cards, Analog Station Cards, and a T!/PRI card can be added.

NEC DS2000 Phones

NEC DS2000 Phones

Although the NEC DS phone system has been discontinued we have many phones available for it.  The most popular selling phone was the 22 button display phone that is available refurbished.  The 34 button phone was not as popular although we still have some 24 button phones available.

NEC DS2000 Expansion Cards

NEC DS Expansion Cards

Although the NEC DS phone system has been discontinued we have many expansion cards available for it.  We have lots of 16 port digital station cards, 4 port CO Trunk cards and 8 port CO Trunk cards.

Small Hotel Phone System

Compatible with hotels or motels with up to 99 rooms or less plus phones for the inkeepers and reception areas with all of the typical features needed in todays hotels


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