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NEC EliteMail Voice Mail System

NEC Elite EliteMail Voice Mail System

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The EliteMail® Universal Voice Mail Platforms (VMP/CTP) in-skin interface cards for the Electra Elite® IPK systems offer a wide selection of media options, resulting in improved advantages and increased customer migration opportunities. Over 71,000 customers have benefited from in-skin digital integration since NEC introduced its first in-skin voice processing circuit board in 1997. As the voice mail market matured, NEC has continued to keep pace with additional features, ports, and storage hour options.

EliteMail® LX is a proven, yet innovative communications solution that can grow and expand with your business. No other telecommunications product will unify your communications like EliteMail LX. With EliteMail LX, you get an intelligently designed voice messaging system that has the options you need for your organization.

EliteMail LX combines voice mail, automated attendant, audiotext, and fax detect and notify functionality into a completely integrated business solution that will help you communicate more effectively with the people who matter most to your business—your customers and co-workers. EliteMail LX offers organizations investment protection and a solid growth path.

EliteMail LX also comes with a wide range of optional packages that can enhance and expand the power of your voice messaging system. Feature packages that extend the functional capabilities of EliteMail LX include NEC’s Unified Messaging, networking capabilities, hospitality integration with 22 multi-lingual prompt sets and 23 guest languages, fax and text to speech.

When you add the Visual Messaging (TeLANophy) modules to EliteMail LX, you really begin to unify your communications. Visual Messaging applications integrate EliteMail LX with your Local Area Network (LAN) to give you control over live telephone traffic and messages—voice, fax, and e-mail—all from one place: your desktop PC. The Visual Messaging modules let you conveniently manage your incoming and outgoing calls, voice mail, and faxes directly from your desktop PC.

Regardless of which configuration you purchase all of the optional software packages and complete help files come standard on the CD-ROM. For example, you want to add unified messaging with the ViewMail® for Microsoft® Messaging module, simply purchase an upgrade code from NEC and the software can be installed on-site or remotely.

The VMP LX media options are available in two, four, or eight ports. Available storage options are between 10 and 340 hours. Media software leverages the simplicity, strong performance, reliability and inherent cost-savings of the Linux operating system. Available configurations include standard Voice Mail and Unified Messaging.

Customer voice mail requirements may change over time, and the VMP LX platform offers a migration path with maximum investment protection. By upgrading the media with a larger port size and/or number of storage hours and/or Unified Messaging capabilities and/or adding features such as Hospitality/PMS or networking, customers grow at their own pace. As additional features and media options become available, existing customers will have many upgrade options. This protects the original investment and grows with the business.

EliteMail VMP LX systems are supported with an intuitive HTML Administration interface. Voice Mail users can even set up their mailboxes though their desktop using Mailbox Manager.

EliteMail® CTP LX Unified Messaging System from NEC brings you the power of centralized message control by allowing you to manage your communications over the telephone or from your PC. EliteMail CTP LX leverages the simplicity, strong performance, reliability, and inherent cost-savings of the Linux operating system. With EliteMail CTP LX, accessing messages and managing calls is easy and convenient.

The EliteMail CTI LX supports up to 16 ports of unified messaging and offers expanded support over the EliteMail VMP LX for advanced applications such as fax, and text-to-speech. The CTP LX expands the features, size and storage of the LX Lite and is positioned as the IPK’s high-end solution.

The CTP LX media options are four, eight, twelve and sixteen ports. Available storage options are between 315 and 490 hours of storage.

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